Decatur Diary | November 13, 2015


Residents Turn Out for First Look at Action Plan Directives

Decatur residents got their first look at the 71 action items comprising the bulk of the city’s emerging Community Action Plan Thursday evening during a spirited gathering of over 100 participants.

Beginning with a broad community discussion last August and further engaging residents through an online survey and various small-group conversations, the Better Together process has been a reflective and interactive opportunity to consider how we, as a community, excel (or fail) in our efforts to relate to and accommodate one another…

Decatur Diary | November 9, 2015

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Check out the first draft of our Community Action Plan

Working from the contributions of almost a thousand Decatur residents, the Better Together team has been hard at work compiling, distilling and presenting the community’s many ideas in the form of a first draft Community Action Plan. Now that draft will be available for community review and comment on Thursday, November 12 from 6:30-8:30pm in the Marriott Courtyard’s Decatur Conference Center, Ballroom B…

Decatur Diary | September 1, 2015


250+ Gather to Launch Better Together Community Conversation

On Saturday, August 29, more than 250 Decatur neighbors — residents, students, business owners, retirees and others — gathered in the Ebster Gym and devoted five hours of their day to a frank and focused conversation on diversity — sharing their Decatur experience and listening as others did the same.

The event marked the formal launch of the Better Together initiative, a substantive community conversation around the myriad differences — in culture, race, age, abilities, politics, economic resources, and more — that make us who we are…

Decatur Diary | August 26, 2015

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Don’t Miss Saturday’s Kick-Off Conversation: All are welcome!

For the past nine months, Better Together’s organizing committee — called the Leadership Circle — has been working to convene a broad community conversation around the myriad differences — in culture, race, age, abilities, politics, economic resources, and more — that make us who we are.

This Saturday, August 29, from 10am-3pm, that conversation begins, as the now hundreds of registered Decatur residents meet in the gym of the Beacon Municipal Center and begin the process of finding common ground on challenging issues like fairness. Or inclusion. Or equity.

Won’t you be one of them? All are welcome and encouraged to attend. Registrations are still being accepted here so please make plans to join us.

Decatur Diary | July 31, 2015

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Let’s Go! Better Together participation opportunities announced

Decatur’s Better Together process is facilitating a substantive community conversation around the myriad differences — in culture, race, age, abilities, politics, economic resources, and more — that make us who we are. From it, we’ll craft a substantive Community Action Plan filled with policy goals and other recommendations for implementing Principle B of Decatur’s 2010 Strategic Plan: “Encourage a diverse and engaged community.”

And now we’ve got the details on how you can get involved!

Decatur Diary | July 21, 2015

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City Commission Green Lights Better Together Community Conversation: Details soon

In a unanimous vote at their July 20 meeting, Decatur city commissioners officially endorsed the recommendations of the Better Together Leadership Circle, clearing the way for a broad community process to cultivate a more just, welcoming, inclusive, equitable and compassionate experience for all who visit, live or work in the City of Decatur.

The culmination of the process will be the creation of a tangible Community Action Plan, spelling out specific recommendations for how the city or other resource organizations can, as directed in Principle B of the 2010 Strategic Plan, “encourage a diverse and engaged community…”

Decatur Diary | July 16, 2015

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Leadership Circle to Present Recommendations for Broad Community Conversation

Principle B of 2010’s Strategic Plan instructs city leadership to “Encourage a diverse and engaged community.” So for the past eight months, a small group of Decatur volunteers has been meeting around the questions raised by such an ambition: What kind of public process would help the city accomplish this goal? How might it be orchestrated? How might our community effectively explore the myriad differences — in culture, race, age, abilities, politics, or economic resources — that make us who we are?

On Monday, July 20, they’ll present their recommendations to city leaders in a public work session preceding the regularly scheduled commission meeting…

Decatur Diary | April 10, 2015

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Better Together: Meet the Leadership Circle

Because it’s something fundamentally rooted in our relationships with each other, and explores the necessary means by which we can transcend the barriers that divide us, the Better Together process is being orchestrated as a volunteer, citizen-led endeavor, with the participation and support of the city. A collection of unpaid Decatur residents representing a diverse cross-section of the community, together with our police chief and a handful of city employees, are serving as the organizing committee. We’re calling them the Leadership Circle