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Decatur Diary | November 24, 2010

Design and Development:
We Like What We Like

Over the course of both the round tables and the Community Academy sessions, a consistent theme has emerged: Higher density development can be a potentially valuable tool towards many of our emerging goals (greater housing affordability, greater choice in housing types, reallocation of tax base, and a thriving commercial core among them), but only if it is reserved for our core growth areas, and designed and built in specific ways...

Decatur Diary | November 16, 2010

Getting the Love We Want,
By Design

Let's start with the givens: Decatur is a fairly dense, compact and mixed-use kind of town. And while the definitions of those terms may have evolved somewhat over time, that's what we were historically and that's the basis for who we are today...

Decatur Diary | November 9, 2010

Our Commercial-Residential Mix:
Are We Ready to Rebalance?

The key questions before Decaturites attending the November 4 Community Academy seminar at the Holiday Inn Convention Center were these: Is our current dependency on residential development for 85 percent of our tax revenue the mix we want? Or do we want to encourage more commercial office and retail?

Decatur Diary | November 3, 2010

“The New Main Street”:
Getting Down to Business

Did you know Decatur’s tax base has a higher residential percentage than most anywhere else around? That means it’s our property owners who foot the bulk of the bill. It's most likely not talking out of turn to assume there'll be increasing pressure over time to maintain or, even better, reduce our individual tax burdens. But how, exactly, does that work? If our revenues don't come from homeowners, where will they come from?...

Decatur Diary | October 27, 2010

“Decatur for Life”: Y’all Come,
Stay as Long as You Like

Matching the commitment of our first Community Academy session, around 60 residents gathered Monday night, October 25, to take on some key "Lifelong Community" goals -- affordability, diversity and choice -- from the round table sessions earlier this year... In short, they gathered to determine how Decatur could offer options for anyone who wants to join our community, and that anyone already here be able to stay as long as they'd like...

Decatur Diary | October 24, 2010

Join Us, and Help Make Decatur a Lifelong Community for All

Becoming a place where anyone—single, married, black, white, young, old and all variations in between—can become a part of our community and remain a part of our community requires a wide variety of choices that reflect a wide variety of folks. Simply put, needs vary. Not just among different people but across each person’s lifetime. Is Decatur such a place? If not, what can be done? Those are the issues participants will take on Monday night, October 25, from 7-9pm...

Decatur Diary | October 12, 2010

“Going Mobile”: Talking Walking, Biking, Driving and More

Despite a too-beautiful-to-be-inside evening, some 60 Decaturites gathered on October 5 at the Holiday Inn Convention Center to take Decatur's getting-around discussion to the next level. Conversations can move faster now, because so many folks are veterans of the Round Table discussions over the last year. The “Going Mobile” meeting kicked off a string of four Community Academy sessions, designed to focus broad ideas from the Round Tables into the to-do list that will shape Decatur’s update of its 10-year Strategic Plan...

Decatur Diary | September 29, 2010

Squaring Up Some of Our
Round Table Issues

Wondering what happens next with Decatur's strategic planning process? It's time to get schooled. Introducing Community Academy, four 2-hour sessions where residents, city staff and members of our consultant team will examine some of our big round table goals with an eye towards implementation. That means stepping outside the comfort of open-ended brainstorming and into the slightly harsher glare of the real world...