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Decatur Diary | February 1, 2011

“Right On!”: Decaturites Give Thumbs Up to Draft Plan

At the Drop-By Open House on Monday, January 31, residents got a good look at the latest steps towards an update of the City’s 10-year Strategic Plan. The process is fast approaching finalization, thanks to a record-level of community participation over the last year. Next up: A final report that will represent a refinement of the draft content presented on the Open House display boards, integrating comments and addressing questions from citizens Monday night...

Decatur Diary | December 2, 2010

Open House: Review and Correct Our Work in Progress this Saturday

With our final Community Academy session behind us, the Decatur Next process now moves on to its third and final phase: Taking all that input, all those ideas, and boiling them down to a coherent framework, with specific recommendations. Why is that important? Because, by organizing all that data as a series of broad principles, detailed goals and, ultimately, a to-do list of projects to be tackled over the next ten years, we end up with something measurable...

Decatur Diary | August 24, 2010

First, Celebrating Collaboration;
Next, Turning Ideas into Strategies

The opening video at the Decatur Next Celebration at Decatur High School Aug. 24 said it all: 700-plus Round Table participants; 245 public meetings; 6,000 hours invested; 7,894 ideas presented; and 14,032 website visits. The August 24 event was an opportunity, first of all, to enjoy the moment. Since April, more than 700 Decatur residents have been meeting together in small groups – Round Tables – to identify key concerns and pose crucial questions...