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Decatur Diary | December 7, 2017

Speak Your Mind: Last call for online Transportation Plan input

Kicking off an update to Decatur's 2007 Community Transportation Plan, nearly 100 residents gathered at the Rec in late October to consider future mobility and connectivity throughout the city.

In addition to a variety of hands-on activities, officials unveiled two online opportunities for residents, particularly those who couldn't make the meeting, to further plug in and contribute — a community survey, and a wikimap where respondents can identify problem areas throughout the city...

Decatur Diary | October 30, 2017

90+ Residents Gather to Discuss Decatur’s Transportation Future

The Decatur Community Transportation Plan Update process is now officially on the move.

Everything kicked off with a community visioning workshop Thursday evening, October 26, as nearly a hundred interested locals gathered at the Decatur Recreation Center...

Decatur Diary | September 29, 2017

Going Mobile: We’re updating our Community Transportation Plan and we need your help

Many in Decatur are familiar with 2007’s Community Transportation Plan (CTP) -- our ambitious long-term roadmap for promoting health, choice, community, and connectivity through the design and implementation of our transportation policy and infrastructure.

It’s the go-to resource for how we connect and get around...