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Decatur Diary | February 16, 2018

UMCH Civic Dinners: Eat, drink and be sharing (your ideas!)

Got ideas? Enjoy dinner parties? Then you’re in luck.

In addition to our schedule of public meetings to collect and test suggestions for the former United Methodist Children’s Home property (the first of which drew over 400 people), we’re also doing something new: Civic Dinners...

Decatur Diary | February 11, 2018

Dream Big: 400+ residents turn out to imagine Children’s Home future

Dorsey Nobles has been a part of the former United Methodist Children’s Home (UMCH) for 39 years — first as a young child, then as a career maintenance specialist and now, today, as the property’s caretaker and sole resident.

You’d assume he’s seen it all but, joining together Sunday with his Decatur neighbors in the Home’s dining hall to imagine possibilities for the property’s future, that proved untrue.

“To be honest,” he said, “I’ve never seen it this packed.”

Decatur Diary | February 2, 2018

Just Imagine: Shaping a vision for the future of the Children’s Home

As announced earlier this week, Sunday, February 11, from 1-5pm marks the Kick-Off Celebration and Visioning Workshop for the city’s United Methodist Children’s Home property. Join us in the main building at 500 South Columbia Drive (map it here) as we begin imagining how this extraordinary piece of land can best serve the people of Decatur through the years ahead. Everyone’s welcome...

Decatur Diary | January 29, 2018

Save the Date: Children’s Home visioning process begins Feb. 11

In August of last year, the City of Decatur completed its purchase of the 77 acre United Methodist Children's Home on South Columbia Drive. And now, in the months ahead, we'll work together as a community to create a vision for its future use...