Decatur Diary | March 15, 2016

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Help Us Stay on Track: Phase One Input Opportunities Announced

Comprehensive Planning is a process required by the state of Georgia to ensure that all communities achieve minimum planning standards and procedures, especially as they relate to physical infrastructure. Here in Decatur, where planning (and planning some more) is a way of life, we use the Comprehensive Plan process as an opportunity to do a midterm check-up on our larger Strategic Plan, which was completed in 2010 and is due to be updated in 2020…

Decatur Diary | November 13, 2015


Residents Turn Out for First Look at Action Plan Directives

Decatur residents got their first look at the 71 action items comprising the bulk of the city’s emerging Community Action Plan Thursday evening during a spirited gathering of over 100 participants.

Beginning with a broad community discussion last August and further engaging residents through an online survey and various small-group conversations, the Better Together process has been a reflective and interactive opportunity to consider how we, as a community, excel (or fail) in our efforts to relate to and accommodate one another…