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UMCH Visioning and Master Plan

What’s this all about?

In August, 2017, Decatur completed its purchase of the former United Methodist Children’s Home (UMCH) property, a 77 acre parcel adjacent to the city’s southeastern border. In doing so, the door was opened to a compelling and inspiring question: What should the property become over time?

The UMCH Visioning process is a broad, community-driven effort to gain answers to that question and assemble them in the form of a master plan to guide implementation through the years ahead.

News Updates

All updates and announcements produced in conjunction with the UMCH process can be accessed here.

How and When to Participate

All local residents and related interests (City of Decatur or not) are welcome to participate. Here’s how:

Kick-Off Celebration and Visioning Workshop
Sunday, February 11 | 1-5pm
500 S. Columbia Drive, Decatur

Community Workshop
Saturday, March 3 | 9-Noon | Location TBD

Community Workshop
Tuesday, March 6 | 6-8pm | Location TBD

Community Workshop
Saturday, March 10 | 2-5pm | Location TBD

Closing Workshop
Monday, April 30 | 6-8pm | Location TBD

Civic Dinners >

The conversation will also take place in the form of Civic Dinners, where groups of 6 to 10 participants gather over a meal for a host-facilitated conversation about the property and its future. Learn more and register to participate below.