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Decatur Diary | November 6, 2019

Ramp Up Begins for Decatur’s 2020 Strategic Plan: You can help!

Many of you were among the nearly 1,500 Decatur residents of all ages and backgrounds who contributed time and ideas to the Strategic Plan that has guided City policy, planning, projects and budgets since 2010. Now it’s time to look towards our next ten years with Destination:2030.

We’ll be formally launching the process in December, which we hope to make the most inclusive planning process in Decatur history. So we’re starting with recruitment of an “Engagement Squad,” a volunteer network of residents to help spread the word.

Will you be among them? All you have to do is share information you receive by email with groups and online forums you already participate in.

Help ensure a solid foundation for Decatur’s next decade. Be a part of the Engagement Squad. Sign up today here.


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