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Decatur Diary | September 7, 2021

Tree Canopy Ordinance Revisions to be Considered

The City Commission will be considering revisions to the City’s tree canopy conservation ordinance in the coming months. Changes under review will include additional protection for trees located on single-family residential, townhome and multiple-family residential properties, and new requirements for commercial developments...

Decatur Diary | February 4, 2014

City Commission Clarifies Tree Ordinance Process

In October 2013, the City Commission passed a 90-day moratorium on tree removal and tasked staff to develop an updated tree ordinance that would reflect current best management practices. These recommendations were presented on January 21st.  Based on concerns voiced by the community, the City Commission requested that the ordinance be revised and brought back for consideration in March.

Decatur Diary | January 16, 2014

Trees! Conservation Ordinance Ready for Review

Building from input received during the December 11 community input meeting, the proposed Decatur Tree Conservation Ordinance is now available along with the administrative standards that will be used to implement the new provisions. Several elements of the proposal would significantly change the City’s approach to tree conservation as compared to the current ordinance, and we want your opinion. In October 2013, the City Commission passed a 90-day moratorium on tree removal.  Additionally, they fast-tracked the development of a new tree ordinance that would reflect current best management practices in the industry...

Decatur Diary | December 12, 2013

Trees Meeting Wrap Up:
Specifics? You tell us.

Given last October’s passionate community testimony at the root of the current, 90-day tree removal moratorium, it came as no surprise last night when an engaged crowd of 60+ gathered at city hall for an overview on what’s happening with the new ordinance-in-development. That overview, as explained by city planning director, Amanda Thompson, is simple: You tell us...

Decatur Diary | December 4, 2013

Trees! Join us to review and comment on the ordinance draft

How Decatur manages its tree canopy has always been a component of the Unified Development Ordinance initiative currently underway. However, recent community concerns brought an increased level of urgency to the subject, prompting city commissioners to pass a 90-day moratorium on tree removal and fast-track the UDO's tree-related requirements. That effort is now in process and its work-in-progress will be presented and discussed Wednesday, December 11...
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