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Avondale Station Area Plan

2002 initiative charts course for future growth in southeast Decatur

The Decatur/Avondale MARTA Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) master plan was a proactive effort to prepare for likely, if not inevitable, future growth and change in the southeastern portion of the city. An engaged community charrette process yielded an ambitious collection of goals:

  • To conduct a transportation enhancement study to create a circulation system that encourages pedestrians, bicyclists, and alternative modes of transportation.
  • To create a range of housing choices and develop more opportunities for affordable housing.
  • To reduce transportation demands and increase transit ridership.
  • To utilize and capture green space taking advantage of the natural drainage systems to create open space and passive recreational opportunities.
  • To create conditions to encourage pedestrian and bicycle traffic by providing streetscape facilities in and between the MARTA station, single-family neighborhoods, and schools.
  • To create a quality, balanced environment by establishing policies to encourage mixed-use development in and around the MARTA station, such as affordable housing, neighborhood commercial, traditional urban residential types, and interactive recreational facilities.
  • To encourage community and stakeholder collaboration in development decisions.

With rail transit at the heart of the study area, the city used this chance to further define the quality and character of the surrounding area while creating a new neighborhood centered around the MARTA station. Many of the goals stated above are now in various stages of implementation.

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