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Decatur Diary | March 28, 2022

Community Evaluates Design Details for Legacy Park’s South Village

Legacy Park’s South Village took another step forward recently as residents assisted the Decatur Housing Authority’s architecture team in their fine-tuning of the working site plan and the specifics of proposed buildings. These community contributions play an important role in the long, ongoing process of addressing housing affordability in Decatur...

Decatur Diary | March 3, 2022

Miss the Meeting? Share Input on Legacy Park’s South Village

On Monday, February 28, from 5-7:30pm a steady stream of neighbors, stakeholders, and other community interests visited Legacy Park for a look at the proposed South Housing Village currently under design by the Decatur Housing Authority...

Decatur Diary | April 2, 2019

Community Workshop to Address Legacy Park Housing Affordability

The Legacy Park master planning process wasn’t just an exercise in visioning. It was also a means by which the Decatur community voiced and prioritized its values. Those values — like sustainability, recreation, and preservation — are now embedded in our long-term goals for the property.

Among them is housing affordability. Please join us Saturday, April 13, from 9am-Noon as we drill down on exactly how, within the context of Legacy Park, we might serve that need most effectively...

Decatur Diary | December 14, 2018

Leaving a Legacy: Adopted UMCH Master Plan Now Available

Almost two years to the day from when city leaders first authorized negotiations towards purchase of the 77 acre United Methodist Children’s Home property, a community-driven master plan for the site — adopted unanimously by the City Commission at their December 3, 2018 meeting — is now in place...

Decatur Diary | September 27, 2018

Draft Plan Presented for Former UMCH Property, Input Welcome

Decatur’s vision for the former United Methodist Children’s Home property took another step forward this month when a comprehensive draft of the plan was presented to the City Commission in a public work session. That draft, and its accompanying presentation, are now available for public review and comment...

Decatur Diary | July 6, 2018

Survey Seeks Input on Children’s Home First Phase Priorities

Beyond demonstrating how the diverse ambitions of the Decatur community might be reconciled to serve the broadest number of people, last week’s presentation of the unified concept plan for the former United Methodist Children’s Home property also laid out some proposed phases moving forward based around ease of implementation, logistics, and expectations for available funding over time...

Decatur Diary | June 28, 2018

Unified Concept Emerges for Children’s Home Property

The Decatur community took another step forward last night in its master planning process for the former United Methodist Children’s Home property — arriving at a single, unified concept for the 77 acre site’s future uses and programming...

Decatur Diary | June 22, 2018

Don’t Forget: Children’s Home Vision Debuts Next Wednesday

After months of work by city staff, a consultant design team, and thousands of neighbors who brought ideas and opinions to the table, it's time for the big reveal -- a unified plan incorporating the uses, spaces, and features most commonly requested for the 77 acre property formerly serving as the United Methodist Children's Home.

Join us Wednesday, June 27, 6-8pm at the Ebster Gym for your first-hand look at the results. Everyone's welcome...

Decatur Diary | June 13, 2018

Second Act: Combined and Refined Plan for Children’s Home to be Presented Wednesday, June 27

When draft plans for the city's United Methodist Children's Home property were initially presented in April they generated a lot of comments -- over 3,000 of them if you're keeping count -- and challenged the city, with the help of its Cooper Carry-led project team, to combine the community's most favored elements into one compelling and comprehensive vision.

That unified plan is nearing completion and will be unveiled for the community Wednesday, June 27, 6-8pm at the Ebster Gym. Everyone's welcome...

Decatur Diary | May 10, 2018

Children’s Home Survey Closes Soon: Don’t miss this opportunity to comment on draft options

Accompanying the first round of draft options for the former United Methodist Children's Home property presented April 30th was an online survey allowing residents and other stakeholders to comment on their preferences and concerns...
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