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Decatur Diary | April 2, 2019

Community Workshop to Address Legacy Park Housing Affordability

The Legacy Park master planning process wasn’t just an exercise in visioning. It was also a means by which the Decatur community voiced and prioritized its values. Those values — like sustainability, recreation, and preservation — are now embedded in our long-term goals for the property.

Among them is housing affordability. Please join us Saturday, April 13, from 9am-Noon as we drill down on exactly how, within the context of Legacy Park, we might serve that need most effectively.

The property’s master plan identifies two areas — the North and South Villages — for housing. But exactly what form should such housing take? What scale and design can best address this pressing need while also remaining sensitive to the character of the historic campus and its surrounding neighborhoods?

This is a pivotal, hands-on opportunity for affordable housing stakeholders and the broader Decatur community to make a substantive contribution to our city’s long-term affordability, as well as to the related diversity and inclusion ambitions that inform it.

A facilitated, 3-hour event, the workshop is open to all and will focus on activities — both indoors and, weather-permitting, outdoors — that help visualize and rank different housing approaches. These approaches will thereafter be subjected to a rigorous financial feasibility analysis to test viability and identify potential strategies to implement.

Finally, following the workshop, a draft plan and sketch model will be shared with the community for feedback and refinement. The process will end with a June 2019 report detailing the results and articulating expectations for any subsequent implementation partners.

Please make plans to join us:



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