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Stormwater Master Plan

Decatur gets serious about the challenges of urban stormwater with this extensive community process

The Decatur, Georgia Stormwater Master Plan (SWMP) was developed over a period of two years with extensive community engagement and input. It was was adopted by the Decatur City Commission in December 2020.

Comprehensive in nature, the plan outlines how the city intends to manage its stormwater in the future. It’s focused on improving the city’s stormwater management practices, preventing flooding, enhancing water quality in the city’s streams, and improving quality of life for city residents.

The process of creating the SWMP involved significant community participation and input. Over two years, residents and stakeholders had the opportunity to attend public meetings and provide feedback. The city also conducted surveys and held workshops to gather input from the community.

The city used this feedback to develop a draft plan, which was subsequently presented back to the public for further input. Thereafter a finalized draft was produced and submitted to the City Commission.

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