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2000’s Ten Year Strategic Plan


Amidst growing concern among residents and community leaders that, with Decatur again “on the map” for developers, and with changes in demographics resulting from the sharp escalation in property values, Decatur was in danger of losing the qualities that are so valued by residents, businesses and visitors, the decision was made to initiate a round table discussion and strategic planning process to help guide decision making in the coming decade.

The result was 2000’s Strategic Plan, which has since proven itself as the standard for how Decatur does long-range planning.

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Section 1: Executive Summary
Section 2: Background Information and History of Decatur
Section 3: Strategic Plan – Process/Economics/Transportation/Housing
Section 4: Principle A – Manage Growth While Retaining Character
Section 5: Principle B – Encourage Community Interaction
Section 6: Principle C – Provide Quality Services within Fiscal Limits
Section 7: Monitoring Plan /Credits

Complete printed copies or a digital version may be ordered from the Development Authority Office,, or 404-371-8386.

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