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About Decatur Next

Decatur Next is your online source for city planning, community development, and economic development news and information in the City of Decatur, Georgia.

Decatur, Georgia is a city committed to an intentional future. Not just in terms of the collaborative community planning that makes such ambitions possible but to the necessary follow through that makes them real.

That’s been our operational creed since talk of a new MARTA rail line emerged in the 1970s and spurred the conversations that ultimately resulted in our pivotal Town Center Plan. Since that time we’ve developed and implemented many other community-driven plans — some broad, some specific — addressing everything from how we grow to how we get around to how we’re able to best come together as neighbors and friends.

Through the years, thousands of residents and business owners have contributed to the Decatur we’re now fortunate to share. This website documents that past and further tells the ongoing story of planning and implementation in Decatur as it unfolds today.

Decatur Next is the informational hub of our city’s collaborative planning efforts, offering historical context, information on current planning efforts, celebration of our accomplishments as those planned endeavors materialize, and opportunities for residents to plug in and contribute.

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Plans in progress, 1982. Click for larger view.

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