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2018 Transportation Plan

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In the decade following the adoption of 2007’s Community Transportation Plan, three things happened. First, many of the plan’s goals were realized (or had reached the drawing board leading up to being realized); second, what people value and how they define quality of life had naturally evolved; and third, we’d had time to learn from some of our past initiatives how different approaches perform.

By 2017, it was time for an update.

That update, completed in 2018 after a ten month process, builds upon the accomplishments and ambitions of the 2007 plan to further support and complement the broader equity, sustainability, and active living goals laid out in Decatur’s 2010 Strategic Plan. It offers a big picture view of the city’s transportation network — complete with areas of concern and opportunity, with concurrent recommended improvements over the next 15 years.

While the plan also includes some conceptual solutions for intersection improvements, these concepts are only representative of one possible solution. Each recommendation within the plan will ultimately be subjected to a far more rigorous design and engineering process responsive to real-time data and specific input from stakeholders.

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Community Transportation Plan, 2018 Update

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