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Decatur Diary | August 16, 2016

Comp Plan Draft Now Available for Public Review and Comment

Following its public presentation to both the Planning Commission and City Commission, a draft of the 2016 Comprehensive Plan (dubbed “Decatur 360”) is now available for resident review and comment...

Decatur Diary | June 29, 2016

Residents Speak! Comp Plan’s online survey results now available

Whether for transportation, exercise, or just to avoid downtown parking, Decatur residents walk. A lot. And when we don’t, it’s most commonly because we’ve got too much else going on. We don’t bike as much as we walk but not because we don’t want to. Instead, we’re seeking safer accommodations and support, by a margin of three to one, continued efforts to reconfigure our streets to better serve all modes of transportation equally — biking, walking, or traveling by car...

Decatur Diary | June 13, 2016

Residents Gather for Comp Planning’s Summary of Findings

With three months, six public participation opportunities, and an online survey behind us, together with the resulting input of nearly 1,500 residents, Decatur’s now got a solid sense of community opinion as it relates to the city’s growth — from demographics, economic development and transportation to land use, affordable housing, and natural and cultural resources. That opinion, together with a variety of “facts on the ground,” was presented to an enthusiastic gathering on Wednesday, June 8, followed by a public Q&A in which the many findings were reaffirmed by those in attendance...

Decatur Diary | June 3, 2016

Decatur Turns Out for Comp Plan: Come hear what they had to say

Earlier this year, Decatur announced plans for its state-mandated update to the city’s Comprehensive Plan. Three months, six public input opportunities, and an online survey later, nearly 1,500 residents have offered their thoughts on the city’s growth -- from demographics, economic development and transportation to land use, affordable housing, and natural and cultural resources. Curious to know what they all said? Now’s your chance to find out...

Decatur Diary | May 17, 2016

More Opportunities to Help Shape Our Comprehensive Plan

Decatur’s Comprehensive Plan process takes a closer look this month at our Strategic Plan’s remaining tasks. Join us for either of the following input opportunities where you’ll be able to help prioritize the items still left to do...

Decatur Diary | April 22, 2016

Comprehensive Plan Input Continues with Successful Meeting

Building on the momentum of March’s Comprehensive Plan community input opportunities, a healthy crowd once again turned out Wednesday, April 20, at the city’s Leveritt Public Works Building for a discussion of land use, housing affordability, green space, and historic places...

Decatur Diary | April 18, 2016

Help Us Stay on Track: Don’t Miss Phase 02 Input Opportunities

After an impressive community turnout in March, where we explored long-range planning issues like population, demographics, economic development and transportation, Decatur's Comprehensive Planning process continues in April with our second phase of participation opportunities...

Decatur Diary | March 24, 2016

Touch-a-Truck? Touch-a-Plan!

Interested in contributing to Decatur's Comprehensive Plan Update but a little too busy with, you know, life? If that life includes raising children then we just might have your solution...

Decatur Diary | March 21, 2016

Residents Turn Out for First Comprehensive Plan Meeting

On Wednesday, March 16, the first public input meeting for the city’s Comprehensive Planning process kicked off as a healthy crowd of more than 60 residents dropped by to share thoughts on issues like population, demographics, economic development and transportation...

Decatur Diary | March 15, 2016

Help Us Stay on Track: Phase One Input Opportunities Announced

Comprehensive Planning is a process required by the state of Georgia to ensure that all communities achieve minimum planning standards and procedures, especially as they relate to physical infrastructure. Here in Decatur, where planning (and planning some more) is a way of life, we use the Comprehensive Plan process as an opportunity to do a midterm check-up on our larger Strategic Plan, which was completed in 2010 and is due to be updated in 2020...
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