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Environmental Sustainability Plan

Decatur gets green with a hard look at sustainability goals

The Decatur City Commission adopted the Environmental Sustainability Plan in 2012. The plan is a direct response to a charge from the people of the City of Decatur from the 2010 Strategic Plan (Task 12A). Decatur residents submitted hundreds of ideas of how the city can become even more environmentally responsible, and specifically tasked the government with creating a citywide plan to address these issues.

This plan was created as a joint effort between City of Decatur staff and the Decatur Environmental Sustainability Board (ESB), with significant input from residents and members of the community over the course of a year.

The theme for the plan is “Decatur Grows Greener.” It envisions creating a community where our relationship with the environment will protect and enhance natural resources and ensure that future generations will be able to share in the benefits they provide. Our vision is ambitious, but it is not out of reach. Many steps toward sustainability have already been taken in this community. This plan outlines 12 goals and several strategies that Decatur should take to deepen our commitment to serving as good stewards of the environment and community resources. It provides guidance for current and future decision makers, City employees, committee members, residents, businesses, and organizations.

It is recognized that this plan will evolve with advancements in science and technology as well as community interest and that over time, new methods might become viable alternatives to reaching the same goals. An assessment will be conducted every 2 years by the Environmental Sustainability Board to ensure that the solutions outlined in the plan continue to remain viable.

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Environmental Sustainability Plan

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