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2007 Transportation Plan

Ambitious 2007 plan gets Decatur on the move

The creation and support of a healthy and active community is at the heart of the 2007 Community Transportation Plan. For the City of Decatur, that means creating a safe, integrated transportation system that promotes bicycling and walking as a viable alternative to automobile travel, increases connectivity between neighborhoods and destinations, and promotes equity for users of all ages and abilities.

The transportation system envisioned in the CTP promotes the health and vitality of our citizens and visitors. Fixed squarely on increasing opportunities for non-motorized transportation alternatives, the plan provides a roadmap towards safe and reliable options for everyone to become active participants, both physically and socially, in the life of the community.

It is especially beneficial to the city’s most vulnerable populations such as low income households, the disabled, children, and older adults, all of whom experience differing physical, mental and financial challenges to mobility. This participation not only provides immeasurable benefit to the individual, but also to the collective spirit of the city.

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