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Decatur Diary | March 3, 2022

Miss the Meeting? Share Input on Legacy Park’s South Village

On Monday, February 28, from 5-7:30pm a steady stream of neighbors, stakeholders, and other community interests visited Legacy Park for a look at the proposed South Housing Village currently under design by the Decatur Housing Authority.

The project, which was identified in broad strokes during the Legacy Park community planning process, replaces a collection of four substandard duplex units and two single family homes in the southeastern corner of Legacy Park. Current plans call for 132 new units, all of which will qualify as affordable, spread across a clustered assembly of three story stacked flat apartment buildings and two story duplexes. Community spaces such as an entry plaza, a community center, outdoor recreation space and community gardens are also represented.

Adjustments to the site orientation have also allowed for preservation of the pine forest area fronting South Columbia Drive.

Current efforts by the Decatur Housing Authority are necessary to secure the Federal housing tax credits necessary to complete the project. These tax credits are part of a competitive process with other municipalities and providers. There is no guarantee they’ll be awarded. But if they are, DHA is presently projecting this timeline:

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Stay Tuned

Any effort with this number of moving parts doesn’t come together all at once. It’s a process of steps so stay tuned for future news. In the meantime, be sure to take the survey.

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