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Decatur Diary | February 4, 2014

City Commission Clarifies Tree Ordinance Process

In October 2013, the City Commission passed a 90-day moratorium on tree removal and tasked staff to develop an updated tree ordinance that would reflect current best management practices. These recommendations were presented on January 21st.  Based on concerns voiced by the community, the City Commission requested that the ordinance be revised and brought back for consideration in March.

On February 3rd, the Commission modified their request to include a work session on March 3rd. The session will provide the Commission an opportunity to articulate and discuss their specific concerns and the concerns expressed by the community.  Then, once a clear policy direction has been established, a schedule for ordinance revisions and community input will be developed.

The work session will be open to the community but, like all work sessions, will not offer opportunity for attendees to comment. Amendments to the tree ordinance will subsequently not be considered until after March 3, 2014. Stay tuned to Decatur Next for updates to the schedule.

Below are the updated materials on this issue. Public comments are still being accepted here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Amanda Thompson,, 404-370-4102.

January 21st Presentation to City Commission

Trees! Presentation

Ordinance Materials (as presented on January 21, 2014):

Tree Conservation Ordinance
Tree Conservation Administrative Standards

Supporting Materials:

Common Questions about Proposed Tree Conservation Ordinance
Example Scenarios

Tree Factsheets:

Decatur Tree Canopy Facts
Current Tree Protection Strategies
Impact of Development on Trees

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  1. When will the Tree Preservation Ordinance be publicly discussed again?

    • Hi, Shawn. The Commission had their work session on March 3 to explore the competing issues associated with tree regulations, and are now scheduled to drill down further during a subsequent work session to be held this coming Monday, April 7. The time for that session is still being set but will be announced this Friday with release of the packet for Monday’s meeting.

  2. I am now curious as to where there may be a public record of how the funds in the tree bank are being used. I have seen many a feeble tree planted and then neglected along our city streets. The new ordinance continues to allow up to 75% of a builder’s tree removal be offset by payments into a tree bank. Sketchy ordinance if the citizens can not “see” the trees or benefits as we watch old trees fall to development.

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