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Decatur Diary | September 7, 2021

Tree Canopy Ordinance Revisions to be Considered

The City Commission will be considering revisions to the City’s tree canopy conservation ordinance in the coming months. Changes under review will include additional protection for trees located on single-family residential, townhome and multiple-family residential properties, and new requirements for commercial developments.

Among the significant changes under consideration are a requirement for a pre-permit conference with the City arborist at the start of the building permit process, additional protection of higher-value trees during development, and more aggressive enforcement. Many participants in the 2020 Strategic Planning process have expressed concern about the City’s tree canopy and its importance in mitigating the impacts of climate change, the urban heat island effect, and global warming.

Get Up to Speed

Stay tuned for information on a public open house to be scheduled this fall. And additional information can be found on the City’s dedicated Decatur Tree Canopy Conservation Ordinance Update page.

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