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Decatur Diary | January 14, 2020

A Week Out, Have You Registered for the Citizen Roundtables?

Just over a week out from our Thursday, January 23 Strategic Plan Kick-Off and hundreds of Decatur neighbors have registered to participate in the Citizen Roundtables that will fuel the process. Are you among them?

It’s not too late.

In a nutshell, we’re updating Decatur’s Strategic Plan, which will establish the priorities, policies and projects we pursue over the next decade. A full ten years of city initiatives. Go here to sign up for the Citizen Roundtable discussions that will help shape it.

If you participated in the 2010 process, you’ll remember progressive conversations among small groups of neighbors that identified and refined strategies for city policy and operations over the next 10 years. Same deal this time around.

Register, share some basic info about yourself, and you’ll be assigned to a Roundtable group committed to meeting three times over the course of the winter. There you’ll drill down on all aspects of city operations, and maybe even make some new friends.

It all starts with our big Kick-Off Meeting on Thursday, January 23, 7-9 p.m., at the Marriott Courtyard’s Decatur Conference Center. That’s where you’ll meet your group and learn how the Roundtables fit into the whole process.

It’s the single most important thing you can do to help create the Decatur you want to see. Register now.


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