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Decatur Diary | October 20, 2020

The Community Conversation Continues: Welcome to the Virtual Forums

Let’s keep the discussion going.

As the stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic persist, Decatur’s Destination: 2030 strategic planning process remains committed to capturing the full range of ideas and opinions held by Decatur residents.

That’s why we’re rolling out the Strategic Plan Virtual Forums, an online meeting place where those who live here, work here, worship, play or shop here can add to or comment on the topics raised during the recently completed Citizen Roundtables — or put something new on the table. And it can all be done at your own convenience via a smartphone or a home computer.

Check out and participate in the Virtual Forums.

The Strategic Plan’s “Marketplace of Ideas” allowed residents to help shape the plan through their desktops or smartphones.

Even if you’ve previously participated in the Roundtables, you can clarify or expand on the points discussed in your meetings. And if you’re new to the whole process, you can add your own perspective through survey questions and opportunities to post thoughts on a virtual “wall.”

The Forums are an additional input opportunity added to the process to compensate for the difficulties imposed on the Roundtables by the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the Roundtables wrapped up successfully in September, there’s no doubt that participation in the final round was difficult for many, as working and schooling from home reorganized resident priorities.

Learn more about the Destination: 2030 process thus far with this report. You’ll see how, despite the restrictions the COVID pandemic imposed, many neighbors kept talking to one another about their hopes and concerns for the next decade, providing the foundational input we’re now testing and building upon with the Virtual Forums.

In the face of challenges not faced by Americans in generations, we’re keeping a community discussion going that will determine how Decatur addresses those challenges at a local level. This expanded stage of conversation sets us up for the next phase of collaboration — the Decatur 202s — when we’ll invite experts to help us test our ideas and resolve potential conflicts on the way to a first draft of the new Strategic Plan.

Stay tuned.

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