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Decatur Diary | March 23, 2023

Derrydown Way stormwater proposal to be presented Thurs., April 13

Roughly a year ago, the city began work on its first four improvement areas associated with Decatur’s 2020 Stormwater Master Plan. In early March we explored proposed designs for two of those areas — around Brower and McClean Streets, and around Park Drive and Candler Street. Now we’re unveiling similar work to address issues on and around Derrydown Way.

If you’re a resident of or are otherwise interested in the Derrydown area, make plans now to join us Thursday, April 13 from 6-8pm in the Legacy Park dining hall, 500 S. Columbia Drive for community review and discussion.

Details are included below for advance review. Come April 13th to review in greater detail, have your questions answered, and provide your feedback. See you there.

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Click for larger view.

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