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Decatur Diary | June 23, 2023

Community Gathers to Review N. Decatur Road Recommendations

Decatur’s Street Smarts project team — including city staff and representatives from consultants AECOM — gathered with the surrounding community and other interested residents on Wednesday, June 21 to discuss proposed safety improvements at the intersection of N. Decatur Road and Superior Avenue, as well as the surrounding corridor.


If you were unable to attend there’s still opportunity to get up to speed and share your views.


In 2018, Decatur’s Community Transportation Plan set forth general safety improvement recommendations for North Decatur Road’s long-discussed intersection with Superior Avenue. And in 2020, hundreds of residents participating in the city’s 10-year Strategic Planning process rallied behind those recommendations and reaffirmed the need for action along the corridor.

Street Smarts is an effort to imagine and map out ideas for a better stretch of roadway overall so city leaders have a solid place to start in working with their peers in DeKalb County towards long-term improvements along the corridor.

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