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2010’s Ten Year Strategic Plan


In 2000, nearly 500 Decatur residents came together to set the course for the new millennium’s first decade, and the resulting Strategic Plan laid out the roadmap for some of our greatest success stories. It influenced our priorities, our infrastructure decisions, our approach to growth, the services and programs offered by city government, and the ease with which we’re able to come together in the comfortable exercise of community.

In short, the Strategic Plan guided the decisions that affected all of us on a daily basis. So, when 2010 rolled around, it became time to continue our progress, starting with the question, “Where to next?”.

The resulting year-long process was chronicled extensively on this site. We encourage you to peruse it yourself. You can narrow things down with the following category searches:

2010 Strategic Plan Info
2010 Round Tables
2010 Discussion Issues
2010 Community Academy
2010 Planning Phase

Decatur 2020: The Conversations Begin from Decatur ED TV on Vimeo.

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