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Decatur Diary | February 16, 2010

Ready for Decatur’s Next Decade?
Let’s Talk.

If we’re preparing ourselves for a community discussion about Decatur priorities over the next 10 years, we should start with the obvious questions: What do we value most about living and working here? And what should be on our to‐do list for the next decade?

Here’s how a cross‐section of Decatur residents and business people responded to those questions. Do they represent your thinking? What’s missing?

We’re just beginning this conversation, so there’s plenty of time to put your ideas into the mix. In fact, consider this your invitation to get involved.

There’s a proven process for participation. We know it works, because we did it a little over 10 years ago with the last Decatur Strategic Plan process. Out of a series of Round Table discussions came ideas that helped us make course corrections and initiate projects that changed Decatur for the better. More than 80 percent of the items on our 2000 wish list were implemented by 2010. So there’s every reason to believe we can do it again. Throughout the video, you can hear the confidence in the citizens’ voices. Which means we’re in a pretty good position to raise the bar even higher for our new 10‐year Strategic Plan.

Ready to get involved? Sign up to join our series of Round Table discussion group meetings. We’re putting the accent on “discussion,” since the groups will meet four times over a roughly 8‐week period and have a chance to delve deeply into questions and potential answers.

We promise your time won’t be wasted. The new Strategic Plan’s agenda will be shaped by these groups. And you’ll enjoy the added bonus of forming a new network of friends and neighbors, a network that will no doubt extend beyond the meetings and the planning process.

You can keep up with the details here on this website. We’ll post schedules and report on all the ideas and issues being raised. And you can share your own reactions and ideas on line. So stay in touch.

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