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Decatur Diary | August 22, 2014

UDO Next: More opportunities to consider and comment

On Monday, July 21, a comprehensive draft of Decatur’s Unified Development Ordinance was released, followed by a full month of public review and comment — a process that kicked off with 22 hours of open house Q&A sessions and continued with a wealth of resident input submitted directly to the city. That input can be reviewed here, with many of the issues raised addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions.

The consultant team is now preparing the UDO’s second draft which is expected in September.

More Opportunity to Comment

In the meantime, there’s still a few areas where we don’t have broad community agreement. These include:

  • Regulation of minimum home size
  • Design review for increased floor area
  • Demolition delay
  • Green building

Now’s the time to get greater clarity. Beginning Monday, August 25, we’ll be opening these topics up for your consideration on Open City Hall, beginning with the first three. Please keep an eye out, then share your views on each.

Next Steps

In September, city commission will explore draft v.02 themselves in two work sessions — September 22 and 24 — open to the public.

If everything proceeds on schedule from there, we expect a third draft and then formal consideration by the city commission to take place in October.


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