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Decatur Diary | November 16, 2015

City Commission Review of Action Items to Kick Off Community Comment Period

Last Thursday’s community review and consideration of the 71 action items (.pdf) comprising the emerging Better Together Community Action Plan provided the consultant team with a look at which proposed steps were considered by attendees to be most critical.

Tonight, that same list — with last week’s top items indicated — will be presented to the city commission during a 6:30pm open work session preceding their formal 7:30pm meeting. That session will serve to keep the commission abreast as to how the Better Together process is progressing and afford them opportunity to clarify any questions they might have.

As is typical with work sessions, no public comment or formal commission action will be taken.

Instead, public comment will begin tomorrow, November 17, and run through Monday, November 30. Check back here Tuesday for a download of the action items list presented at tonight’s work session, as well as instructions for commenting via Open City Hall.

That community comment will then inform the draft to be formally presented to the city commission at their meeting on December 7.

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