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Decatur Diary | September 29, 2017

Going Mobile: We’re updating our Community Transportation Plan and we need your help

Many in Decatur are familiar with 2007’s Community Transportation Plan (CTP) — our ambitious long-term roadmap for promoting health, choice, community, and connectivity through the design and implementation of our transportation policy and infrastructure.

It’s the go-to resource for how we connect and get around.

In the decade since its adoption, three things have happened. First, many of the plan’s goals have been realized (or are on the drawing board leading up to being realized); second, what people value and how they define quality of life continues to evolve; and third, we’ve had time to learn from some of our past initiatives on how different approaches perform.

Which makes this a perfect time to update the plan for the years to come.

You’re invited to attend the first public workshop to help us get started. Beginning in October, the city and its residents will take a deep look at the state of mobility in Decatur and begin identifying its various mobility needs. We want to hear from you — those who work, live, and play in the community.

Save the Date

Public Input Kick-Off Meeting
Thursday, October 26, 2017 | 6:00-8:00pm
Decatur Recreation Center
231 Sycamore Street, Decatur

All participants are encouraged to bring their goals and ambitions to the kick-off and other input opportunities. Each event will be easy, informative and fun for everyone — from discussing the future of transportation in the city, to identifying current and future needs, to making short and long-term recommendations and developing a vision for new mobility options and improvements throughout Decatur.

Through this plan, we’ll be building on the 2007 CTP to address our broader equity, sustainability, and active living goals laid out in Decatur’s 2010 Strategic Plan. We’ve hired the professional consultant team of jB+a, a Division of Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon, Inc., and Toole Design Group to assist in the update.

Stay informed on the CTP Update by watching for updates here on Decatur Next and in future issues of Decatur Focus for project information and meeting announcements. For more information, please contact Angela Threadgill at 678-553-6575 or via email here.


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