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Decatur Diary | August 8, 2018

Updated Community Transportation Plan Adopted

Decatur’s 2018 Community Transportation Plan Update was unanimously adopted by the City Commission at its August 6th meeting, capping a 10 month process of public meetings, online surveys, and a wikimap allowing for geo-specific input. Roughly 1,250 residents participated along the way, providing 4,000 ideas and comments for consideration.

“Residents clearly stated a desire to enhance the city’s existing Complete Streets policy,” said planning director Angela Threadgill, noting that the recommendations in the plan ensure we’ll continue to update our existing transportation network to increase walking and cycling opportunities.

For a review of the announcements and meeting summaries produced throughout the process go here.


The plan in its entirety is more than 15 years in its scope, with completion not expected until 2035. Its action items — some short-term, some long-term — are prioritized in accordance with community input provided throughout the process. Each will become a project in its own right, where additional input will be collected and more refined designs produced.

“We’ll continue the dialog as we look at the different pieces,” stressed Mayor Garrett. “There will certainly be more conversations to be had once funding is available {..] to look at how [each project] can be implemented to come out with the best results.”

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