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Decatur Diary | January 10, 2019

January 23 Stormwater Meeting Offers Deep Dive on Regulations (and Possibilities)

Those who live or work in Decatur are invited to join us, Wednesday, January 23, from 6 to 8pm as we continue our deep dive on city stormwater issues, specifically those associated with existing and potential regulations.

Find everything at the Decatur Recreation Center, 231 Sycamore Street.

The meeting — part of the Stormwater Master Plan’s Academy series that began with a walking tour of Oakhurst — marks the second such opportunity for residents and other interested parties to explore existing conditions and potential solutions in greater detail.

Structured to discuss questions related to the policies and programs that currently manage Decatur’s stormwater, the meeting will review what’s working and what’s not, and consider examples of innovation from other communities.

Still Getting Up to Speed?

If you haven’t yet joined us for the Stormwater Master Plan updating process (or even if you have!), you’ll find the most common questions answered in the latest draft of our Frequently Asked Questions (.pdf).

See you on the 23rd!

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