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Decatur Diary | April 16, 2019

Evaluate ideas at our next stormwater meeting

Make plans now to join with your neighbors, Wednesday, May 1, from 6-8pm for the next in our series of meetings to develop Decatur’s updated Stormwater Master Plan. The meeting will be held in the Legacy Park Dining Hall at 500 S. Columbia Drive. Everyone’s welcome.

The goal of the meeting is to consider ideas that have emerged in response to community input provided throughout the process. These opportunities have included our kick-off meeting in September, an October walking tour exploring real-world scenarios, and a January deep dive into regulations and their impacts. Streams, drains, and flood prone areas, identified by residents via our wikimap, have also been assessed and studied.

Join us and help chart a path forward to better stormwater management throughout the city. The project’s consultant team will be on hand to talk about infrastructure, how to fix and maintain it, whether to change the city’s stormwater regulations, and how to pay for desired improvements. 

One such idea to be discussed involves the city’s Stormwater Utility Fee. This is the fee, assessed yearly in conjunction with our property taxes, that pays for capital projects. Presently set at $100/year, it funds one large-format project per decade.

Would you be willing to pay more to get more accomplished? Were the fee to be doubled, it would allow for one large project every five years. Larger increases might allow three, four, even five large projects per decade.

Here’s your chance to make a real contribution. Stormwater may not be our most exciting local issue but it’s absolutely integral to the city’s future sustainability and quality of life. Please join us.

Wednesday, May 1, 6-8pm
Legacy Park Dining Hall
500 S. Columbia Drive, Decatur


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