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Zoning Task Force

Convened July, 2011 | Completed November, 2012

During the 2010 Strategic Plan process, it became apparent that many of the community-initiated directives were not necessarily supported by our codes and ordinances. Some, it was decided, needed attention sooner rather than later.

In July 2011, city commission convened the Zoning Task Force and charged them with developing revised regulations around parking, accessory dwellings, light/artisanal manufacturing, community agriculture, and transitions between residential and commercial properties.

The Task Force was comprised of one member from each of the city appointed commissions and boards, one commercial property/business owner, one downtown condo resident, one R60 adjacent to downtown resident and two at large representatives from the 2010 Strategic Plan Roundtables. Serving were:

Mark Burnette – Planning Commission
Kyle Williams – Zoning Board of Appeals
Chris Sciarrone – Downtown Development Authority
Lori Leland Kirk – Historic Preservation Commission
Tony Leung – Environmental Sustainability Board
Bill Adams – Active Living Board
Fisher Paty – Commercial Property Owner
Lain Shakespeare – Downtown Condo Resident
Scott Keinger – R-60 Adjacent to Downtown Resident
Seegar Swanson – At large
Joy Provost – At large

Recommendations were adopted in November of 2012.

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