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Decatur Diary | February 1, 2016

Better Together Community Action Plan: Downloads now available

On December 7 of last year, Decatur’s city commission received the raw content of the proposed Community Action Plan, the end result of our year-long Better Together initiative. Accepted as-is, it was released for formatting as a formally laid-out document with completion expected early in the new year.

That document, now complete, was shared with the city commission at tonight’s meeting and is now broadly available. It has not been subject to editorial revision and contains identical content to last month’s draft submission.

From a planning standpoint, this concludes the Better Together initiative, leaving implementation for the road ahead. For a clearer understanding of how that might play out, take a good look at Appendix A, which details the 60 community-generated ideas included in the plan and identifies who — individuals, organizations, or local government — is best suited to serve as the champion for each.

Like all of Decatur’s plans, the Community Action Plan’s success will be determined by the degree to which we all take ownership of the effort or find a place to contribute within its recommendations. Thanks to everyone who participated in the conversation.

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