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Decatur Diary | January 31, 2018

Reminder: Transportation Plan Update meeting Thursday night

Don’t forget: Decatur’s update to its 2007 Community Transportation Plan continues Thursday night, February 1, from 6:00-8:00pm at the Decatur Recreation Center. All are welcome.

The gathering will inform and build upon work-to-date — specifically, October’s kick-off meeting and the community input subsequently collected via our online survey and wikimap.

Lots of information about what to expect and where we head next can be found here.

Please make plans to join us.

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  1. Katie Clarke says

    Sorry I can’t come to the meeting tonight, but, I was wondering if there are plans for a city shuttle bus that would mainly run inside CoD but could route to main destinations just outside the city. Reading the original transportation plan, it seems like that was a goal. Similar to the shuttle that Emory University has.

    • Angela F. Threadgill says

      Hi Katie, a shuttle bus in and around the city of Decatur remains highly desirable and has been a city goal for some time — first in the 2007 Community Transportation Plan and then affirmed in 2010’s Strategic Plan. How to make it happen as a viable enterprise remains unanswered. One thing we have determined is that the city would be a poor entity to take the lead, particularly in terms of the financial outlay, liability, and administration requirements. So making it happen will require some kind of partner organization — perhaps MARTA, perhaps a private shuttle operator, perhaps some entity yet to emerge from the tech sector.

      Our present update of the Transportation Plan is exploring these possibilities and will likely include updated goals and recommendations in that regard so stay tuned.

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