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Decatur Diary | February 16, 2018

UMCH Civic Dinners: Eat, drink and be sharing (your ideas!)

Got ideas? Enjoy dinner parties? Then you’re in luck.

In addition to our schedule of public meetings to collect and test suggestions for the former United Methodist Children’s Home property (the first of which drew over 400 people), we’re also doing something new: Civic Dinners.

Breaking Bread for the Greater Good

The idea is simple: People sign up to host a dinner (or lunch, breakfast, coffee…) and are given three topic-specific questions to explore during the meal. Others sign up as guests, with 6 to 10 attending each gathering.

Hosts set whatever terms they’re comfortable with. Gather at home or at a local restaurant or coffee shop. Provide everything or ask your guests to bring something — side dish, dessert, beverage — to contribute. Everything is fully customizable.

Civic Dinners bring people together in purposeful conversation. The format is designed to avoid debate or dominant voices, and instead encourage listening and understanding of different perspectives. In short, it’s a way for Decatur neighbors to do something they often do naturally, but towards a very specific goal: A master plan for the future of this extraordinary 77 acre property.

Get on Board

We’re aiming for a total of 100 dinners which will engage the ideas and enthusiasms of up to a thousand people. Hungry to make a difference? Everything you need to get involved can be found below.

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