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Decatur Diary | April 6, 2018

UMCH Community Input: Still time to host or attend a Civic Dinner

Still looking to contribute your ideas for the former United Methodist Children’s Home property? Then check out Civic Dinners.

Civic Dinners are sort of like a focus group where people come together around a table to share their thoughts on a particular topic. Except in our case, rather than the future of widgets, that topic is the future of these 77 beautiful acres. And rather than a sampling of demographically-aligned strangers, it’s your neighbors. And rather than a sterile conference room with two-way mirrors, it’s someone’s dining room or local restaurant...

Decatur Diary | February 16, 2018

UMCH Civic Dinners: Eat, drink and be sharing (your ideas!)

Got ideas? Enjoy dinner parties? Then you’re in luck.

In addition to our schedule of public meetings to collect and test suggestions for the former United Methodist Children’s Home property (the first of which drew over 400 people), we’re also doing something new: Civic Dinners...
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