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Decatur Diary | April 23, 2018

First Look! Join us Monday, Apr. 30 for unveiling of UMCH draft plans

[NOTE: This post has been updated with a revised location.]

Here we go! The broader Decatur community is encouraged to join us Monday, April 30, from 6 to 8pm, in the gym of the Ebster Recreation Center, as first draft options for the dramatic, 77 acre UMCH property get presented by the Cooper Carry-led consultant team.

For two months, neighbors from across the community have come to the table to help shape the future of this extraordinary site. They’ve submitted over a thousand ideas for consideration during February’s kick-off and its subsequent Civic Dinners, then subjected those ideas to spirited reality testing during March’s workshops.

Now’s your chance to see the results of those contributions illustrated across multiple implementation scenarios, each reflecting different priorities, requirements and, yes, price tags.

Expect roughly 45 minutes devoted to presentation of the various draft concepts, followed by a variety of breakout activities allowing for comment and ranking of the options.

What Makes for a Viable Plan?

One of the most pressing considerations for any plan is cost. The City of Decatur has already committed over $40 million to the property’s acquisition, upkeep, and planning efforts and it’s unrealistic to expect significantly more in the near-term. Instead, the most viable strategies will be dependent on the strength of partnerships we’re able to forge — local authorities and institutions, nonprofit organizations, developers, community foundations, or others able to bring both financial and operational resources to the table.

Attendees will need to evaluate each proposal not just in terms of what it offers but also how it can be effectively realized. What strategies are necessary to turn these dreams into reality and what will be required on the part of the city, potential partners, and the community to get it done? 

See you there!

Monday, April 30, 2018 | 6-8pm
Ebster Recreation Center Gym
105 Electric Ave, Decatur (Map it)


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