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Decatur Diary | July 11, 2018

Transportation Plan Draft Released for Review and Consideration

A complete draft of Decatur’s 2018 update to its Community Transportation Plan, capping a process that began last October, is now available for public review.

Balancing the city’s challenges and goals with mobility trends expected in the years ahead, the draft reflects resident input provided across meetings in October, February, and May, an online survey, and a wiki map where location-specific ideas could be submitted and troublesome spots identified.

What’s Included?

The draft plan offers a big picture view of the city’s transportation network — complete with areas of concern and opportunity, along with recommended improvements to address them over the next 10+ years.

It is a planning policy document. It does include some conceptual solutions for intersection improvements, but such concepts are only one possible solution. Each recommendation within the plan will ultimately be subjected to a far more rigorous design and engineering process responsive to real-time data and specific input from stakeholders.

What’s Next?

The draft allows for public review in advance of a work session presentation to the City Commission this Monday, July 16 at 6:30pm.

Though public comment isn’t accepted during commission work sessions, the project team will be collecting any additional input and comments through July 30th. That input will inform a final draft which will return to the City Commission on August 6th at their regular meeting for consideration of adoption.

Comments can be left below or emailed directly to project team consultant Laura Bradford.

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