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Decatur Diary | September 15, 2020

Don’t Miss Out: Virtual Storm Water Master Plan meeting Wednesday night, 6-8pm

Whether you’ve been engaged in Decatur's Storm Water Master Plan process since the beginning or are just now plugging in, make plans now to attend our online meeting, September 16 at 6pm...

Decatur Diary | September 10, 2020

Register Today: Online Storm Water meeting, Sept. 16, 6pm

Whether you’ve been engaged in Decatur's Storm Water Master Plan process since the beginning or are just now plugging in, make plans now to attend our online meeting, September 16 at 6pm...

Decatur Diary | September 2, 2020

Draft Storm Water Master Plan Released for Month-Long Review and Comment Period

Nearly two years in the making, Decatur's emerging Storm Water Master Plan is now ready for prime time. For the next month, we'll be collecting final input on the present draft as we move our way towards formal adoption later this year...

Decatur Diary | August 28, 2020

Here’s How to Review, Comment on Draft Stormwater Master Plan

We're wrapping up Decatur's Stormwater Master Plan with some final opportunities for community review and comment. Here's everything you need to know..

Decatur Diary | October 18, 2019

Recommendations Emerge as Stormwater Master Planning Process Wraps Up

For just over a year, Decatur residents have been working with the city and its consultant team on a new Stormwater Master Plan addressing the infrastructure needs of Decatur’s next two decades. On Wednesday, October 16, the fruits of that work began to emerge as key aspects of the draft plan were presented...

Decatur Diary | October 11, 2019

Final Stormwater Master Plan Meeting Wednesday the 16th

For the past year, Decatur residents, city staff, and a project consultant team have been working through stormwater issues as part of updating the city's Stormwater Master Plan.

On Wednesday, October 16 from 6-8pm at the Decatur Recreation Center, we'll finally have opportunity to review the draft plan and its proposed projects, policies, and priorities addressing stormwater concerns and improving stormwater management throughout the city. The meeting will begin with a brief presentation after which attendees can review the recommendations and provide feedback to the team via stations around the room...

Decatur Diary | September 25, 2019

Additional Stormwater Modeling Results Now Available

If you attended July’s Stormwater Academy meeting, you learned about initial results from the model of the City’s stormwater infrastructure. As part of the year-long effort to update the City's Stormwater Master Plan, the model allows the planning team to simulate storm events to identify where the capacity of the infrastructure may be deficient...

Decatur Diary | August 28, 2019

Last Opportunity for Stormwater Master Plan Input

Over the past year, Decatur residents have joined together with city staff and their AECOM consultant team to discuss all aspects of stormwater management in Decatur. They’ve kicked off the process, explored infrastructure via an Oakhurst walking tour, discussed regulations and options, considered approaches, and set priorities for evaluating potential projects.

The end goal? An updated master plan detailing the city’s stormwater objectives and initiatives for the next two decades...

Decatur Diary | August 5, 2019

Input Provided as Stormwater Master Plan Moves Forward

Imagine being handed a list of 50 projects — some big, some small — and being tasked with prioritizing them. By what criteria would you do so? Easiest ones first? Preference for those benefitting the most people? By cost?

Such was the case Tuesday evening, July 30, as Decatur residents gathered for the final public input session of the city’s year-long Stormwater master planning process. Up for consideration was how, when facing the many recommended projects expected within the final plan, the city should determine which to tackle first...

Decatur Diary | July 29, 2019

Don’t Forget: Stormwater meeting Tuesday evening, 6-8pm

Make plans now to join us for the next in our series of Stormwater Master Plan meetings, Tuesday, July 30, from 6-8pm at the Decatur Recreation Center (231 Sycamore Street). Everyone’s welcome...
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