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Decatur Diary | April 16, 2010

Round Tables Begin as Record Crowd of 600+ Attends Kick-Off

The packed-house gathering on April 15 was in the ballroom of the Holiday Inn. But you could probably hear the Sehwe Village Percussion group’s African drums a mile away. It was the perfect celebratory launch for the 2010 community Round Tables that will set the stage for the City’s strategic planning for the next decade. What’s the big deal? An enduring legacy...

Decatur Diary | February 15, 2010

We’ll Plan and Implement.
That’s a Promise.

There’s a lot of talk these days about “a deficit of trust” in American civic life. But not in our city. Why is that? Part of the reason may be that, over the past 30 years, under successive City administrations, Decatur elected officials and City staff have worked with residents to plan together for the future. Then, they've consistently used those plans as marching orders.
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